Born from WRC

The new GR Yaris is no normal hot hatch.

It's a thoroughbred. Born from WRC. It’s not made by committee, but by people united by one passion: winning. Co-developed with TOYOTA GAZOO Racing World Rally Team, it incorporates knowledge and technology from the pinnacle of motorsport, enabling it to succeed on every surface in the World Rally Championship (WRC), yet still deliver true sports car feeling, every day, on the roads you tackle.

United through rally

Fate brought Tommi Mäkinen and Akio Toyoda together in 2014. The four-time WRC champion and president of Toyota - two men united through rally - bonded in one epic session of ice driving. The perfect spark for Toyota's return to the WRC with a sports car built to win. The new GR Yaris.

All for GR-FOUR

At the heart of the new GR Yaris is GR-FOUR. Developed in collaboration with TOYOTA GAZOO Racing World Rally Team and honed by WRC drivers, Toyota’s first sports all-wheel-drive (AWD) system in 20 years features a High Response Coupling and electronic clutch to give you exceptional levels of grip and traction.

Through the GR Yaris’ 4WD mode controller, you can instantly vary the amount of torque that’s sent between the front and rear axles. The three modes, Track (50:50), Sport (30:70) and Normal (60:40) let you tailor the car’s behaviour to your mood, whether it’s for better high-speed control on a circuit, a spirited rear-wheel-drive feeling on a country road or greater agility in the city.

Racing response

Under the bonnet of the GR Yaris lies an engine that’s anything but ordinary. Producing 261 PS and 360 Nm, the newly developed 1.6-litre turbocharged powerplant can claim to be the most powerful 3-cylinder production engine in the world.

Developed in line with WRC2 regulations, it incorporates advanced motorsport know-how and materials never seen before in a production car. Compact and lightweight, it delivers top-level performance thanks to a unique head and block, bespoke crankshaft and pistons and a turbo with ball bearing system, ensuring it’s ready to respond on the track and ready for fun on the road.

Styled for success

Unlike most new cars, the GR Yaris hasn’t been designed to turn heads, but to lift trophies – in style. Its lightweight, three-door body incorporates a host of weight-saving materials, from a carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) roof and frameless windows to an aluminium bonnet and doors, shaving 38 kg from the normal Yaris bodyshell and enhancing agility and response behind the wheel.

To optimise aerodynamic performance and maximise cooling, hours of wind tunnel testing were carried out by the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing World Rally Team. A 95mm lower roofline – compared to a normal Yaris – and aerodynamic devices designed to smoothly direct air rearward, ensure the GR Yaris wins on the fast crests of Rally Finland and the flowing curves of your favourite road.

Made by Motomachi

When you need to assemble a truly bespoke sports car like the GR Yaris, there’s only one place in the world you want your creation to come alive: Motomachi, Japan. The birthplace of legends such as the Lexus LFA and Supra A80, Motomachi is now home to the first GR production line, ready to hand-build a hot hatch like no other.

Being handmade by experts means that each GR Yaris takes over 10 times longer to be assembled than a conventional mass-produced car. The production line has been streamlined for performance, with elements such as body alignment checks and additional welding ensuring that each GR Yaris is built with meticulous care and attention. Just as any bespoke racing machine should.

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