We at Toyota see ourselves as more than a company providing all-round mobility solutions. We are citizens of the world, and therefore have a responsibility towards the planet - to leave things better than we find them. Discover in this section how we strive to create a future society in harmony with nature.

“We will not be successful if we do not continue to be a leader in the environmental aspect.”

Didier Leroy, TMC Executive Vice President

Raising awareness

To make a better world for our children, one of our focus areas is to make them aware of the importance of our environment. Linked to this is our ambition to increase the environmental awareness of our own employees, as well as members of the local communities in which we operate.

How do we do this? To start with, we have French bees, a journalist from Pakistan, a Great Plant Hunt, and a Green Month. Read this section to find out what draws these very diverse elements together, to attain our goal of increasing awareness.


In recent years, biodiversity has become one of Toyota’s key priorities. We are involved in many small, local efforts, that together can make a big, positive impact. We promote seamless integration of our operations across Toyota and our business partners in all regions of the world, and create “nature corridors” within the natural ecosystems in which we find ourselves.

We are delighted to see and hear the results of our efforts. Croaking frogs and singing yellowhammers. Slippery salamanders and dazzling dragonflies. Roaming buffalo and soaring eagles. You can discover more about these wonderful creatures by heading to this section.

Future thinking

For most of its history, man has lived in harmony with nature; a link that we have to a certain degree lost in modern times. The consequences, such as global warming, are disastrous. So we need to go back to basics. As a company we need to innovate and find new ways of maintaining our quality of life on the one hand (economy) while at the same time conserving and even restoring nature (ecology) on the other hand.

On this page we take a look at the innovative actions that Toyota is committed to pursuing for future generations. They range from sunflowers in Rwanda to grass on an office rooftop, and include cars powered by hydrogen and vehicles containing components made from plants! Click through to read of these and other forward-thinking environmental projects that Toyota is pioneering.

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