Toyota Hybrid Electric

Self-charging technology

Over 15 million Toyota Hybrid drivers travel more electric kilometres than anyone else, every day. With a line-up of nine, fourth-generation Hybrid-Electric models each delivering zero-emission, full-electric power for up to 70% of your urban driving time, we’re proud to be leading the charge to an electrified world.

Not all hybrids are born the same

Thanks to expertise built over 23 years, our next-level Hybrid-Electric technology offers unrivalled performance, driving range and peace of mind. Switching seamlessly between pure electric drive and petrol power when it's most efficient, our self-charging Hybrids offer many of the benefits of electric power without needing to be plugged in.

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Staying power

Like every element in a Toyota, the batteries in our Hybrids are engineered to last. For peace of mind, every battery comes with a 5-year/100,000km warranty which – with an annual Hybrid Health Check – extends the cover on your battery for up to 10 years.

Our take-back scheme ensures that when our Hybrid batteries reach the end of their life they are dealt with safely and responsibly. Toyota Authorised Repairers currently dispose of more than 90% of our batteries and we aim to recycle over 50% of the weight of a Hybrid battery.

Hybrid coaching

Through the MyT smartphone app, you can enjoy a suite of connected services designed to make driving safer and more fun. Hybrid Coaching provides contextualised coaching on your Hybrid driving, so you can make the most out of EV mode to lower your fuel consumption and environmental impact.

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