Toyota Safe & Sound app

Safety for young drivers, music to parents’ ears

In our quest to provide ever safer and more responsible ways to move people, we have launched Toyota Safe & Sound, an innovative mobile app that encourages safer driving for young drivers and provides peace of mind to their parents.

New safety concept

Offering the perfect exchange between concerned parents and over-confident young drivers, Toyota Safe & Sound is another example of Toyota’s commitment to making the roads safer for you and your family.

As an innovative solution to the issue of young drivers using their smartphones while driving, Toyota Safe & Sound not only activates ‘Do not disturb’ on a driver’s smartphone when they are driving, but for added motivation it also hands control of their all-important in-car playlist to the parents if they break the rules!

The harsh reality

To a teenage driver, the joy of the open road with music at your fingertips, whether alone or with your friends, is one of life’s great experiences. For a parent, however, they can be uniquely stressful times.

Research shows that one in five new drivers has a collision in their first year, with smartphones and speeding being the two main contributors to accidents. So, we set ourselves the challenge to maximise the parents’ peace of mind while persuading their kids to take more care.

How it works

Once both parent and young driver have downloaded the Safe & Sound app, and their phones have been paired, the parent gives their child permission to drive, by sending them the ‘virtual’ car keys.

Once the car is in motion, the app automatically puts the young driver’s smartphone into ‘Do not disturb’ mode. Calls, messages and social media notifications are all disabled. Then, if the app detects they are driving over the speed limit or that they have picked up the smartphone, the app stops their Spotify playlist immediately, replacing it with most unbearable noise imaginable: their parents’ favourite music.

By raising awareness of the dangers to young drivers of using their smartphone at the wheel, Toyota Safe & Sound demonstrates our ambition to one day eliminate automotive accidents and fatalities entirely.

More about Toyota safety

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