Nine cheers for Hybrid

Toyota Hybrid sales exceed nine million

Nineteen years on from the launch of our first Hybrid model, the Prius, sales continue to soar and we are proud to announce a further milestone in Toyota Hybrid growth as global sales pass nine million vehicles.

one million hybrids sold in europe

We are clear leaders in Hybrid sales and production in Europe with Toyota Hybrids making up more than 50 per cent of all the alternative powertrain vehicles sold on the continent – more than all the other hybrids, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles combined.

In fact, our success in Europe’s core new car market segments is evidenced by sales figures for 2015 which show Hybrids accounting for 55 per cent of all Auris sales and 36 per cent of Yaris sales.

With our commitment to develop and deliver ever-better products and services in Europe under the philosophy of Toyota’s Global Vision, Hybrid vehicles have a huge part to play in reducing the environmental effects cars have now and in the future.

It has been calculated that Toyota Hybrid vehicles have contributed to the reduction of 67 million tonnes of CO2 and approximately 25 million kilolitres of fuel globally.

With plans to launch a number of new Hybrid vehicles over the coming years, our innovative models will continue to play an important role in reducing environmental impact while bringing smiles to the faces of customers the world over.


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