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GT86 Model Year 2015 - Excitement retuned

There has never been any debate about the fact that the Toyota GT86 is the ultimate driver’s toy. Acclaimed for its sheer driving fun, its pure handling, it was credited for bringing passion back to Toyota. So is it the perfect sports coupé then? We thought so, until Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada rolled out even better handling and crisper steering for the 2015 Model Year. He talks to us about the changes he made.

This car has been unanimously praised for its driving fun. Why change something that everybody already loved?

Development of a sports car should not stop, only because the vehicle has gone on sale. GT86 is all about driver involvement, and we are committed to keep enhancing this aspect of the car. The 2015 Model Year gives customers access to the latest status of GT86’s continuous evolution.

So what exactly changes for MY’15?

We decided to change the way how suspension parts -including the rear shock absorbers- are attached to the chassis. This increases body rigidity, hence adds to better handling stability and response. Shock absorbers were also retuned. We used a new technology for stabilizing damping force, and we improved friction control and responsiveness.

How do these changes influence the driving feel?

They influence the interaction of the car with the road. For the driver, this means an even better steering stability and a more communicative handling. On top of that, thanks to the body-roll reduction, steering feel is crisper than before. All in all, suspension and steering become even more communicative, giving the driver that extra bit of control, especially when the car is driven on the limit.

Any other changes? Can we recognize a MY ’15 on the road?

Yes, but the changes are subtle. We have changed the pole antenna for a shark-fin, which not only looks a bit bolder but also helps the aerodynamics. 2 new exterior colours (silver and white) are also to be introduced. And inside, the instrument panel receives a new carbon-fibre motif giving the cabin a sportier, better quality feel.

We are looking forward to getting behind the wheel of one of these new GTs ourselves, when they arrive in Europe this summer.

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