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Cabin air filters

It can be easy sat comfortably behind the wheel of your Toyota not to give a second thought to the air you’re breathing in. Whether you spend a long time, or use it occasionally for errands, it’s important that the cabin air filter in your Toyota is regularly replaced to maintain fresh air circulating in the cabin.

A wide range of air pollutants flow into your car, from dust and dirt to pollen and exhaust fumes, and it is the role of the air filter to remove these from the cabin.

We offer two types of cabin filters: the standard, and enhanced. Both offer relief to those of you who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems, but by blocking 25% more pollutants than the standard filter while removing odours, the enhanced filter could make sufferer’s lives even more comfortable.

We have developed a Cabin Air Filter Guide to help show the benefits of regularly replacing the cabin filter in your Toyota.

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