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Toyota Corolla: E-Book

As if the launch of the latest generation Corolla wasn’t enough to satisfy us, Toyota can now proudly announce another record-breaking feat, with the news that the 40 millionth Corolla has rolled off the production line.

To put this into perspective, that’s 9 million more than our nearest competitor (VW’s Golf).

So when did it all start? As Russia wowed the world with images of their Moon landing in 1966, the Corolla was being readied for launch. Born with a philosophy of “always staying ahead”, the Corolla was engineered to be affordable, easy to live with and most importantly, reliable.

With the arrival of the latest Corolla some 47 years later, this unique DNA can be traced back through the model years. With this success comes an impression in many peoples’ lives and ingrained within all of these is a Corolla memory. It could be the earliest recollection of your parent’s Corolla, an unforgettable journey, or simply the smell of the interior…

And now we want to share it. Join us to celebrate our collective memories of Corolla. Whether you’re an eternal enthusiast or simply feeling nostalgic, let’s share our stories of the icon that is Corolla.

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