Toyota Genuine Clutches

For a smooth drive wherever you’re going

Whether you’re driving on motorways, country lanes or busy city streets, a fully functioning clutch is essential to change gear and speed efficiently and safely, allowing you to stay in complete control of your Toyota.

Clutches are constantly exposed to friction, so they gradually deteriorate over time. There are a few signs of a worn-out clutch you should be aware of. Here’s what to look out for:
  • Difficulty in changing gear 
  • Slow acceleration 
  • Unusual noise
Our Toyota Genuine Clutches are specifically designed for each model and come with a range of benefits:
  • A perfect fit for every Toyota model 
  • A smooth driving experience and enhanced performance thanks to grooves on the clutch face and specifically designed dampers
  • Chrome-coated and hardened components for durability 
  • Made from environmentally friendly fibre glass

A genuine Toyota Clutch won’t bend or wear easily, has a long life and is compatible with your specific Toyota model. 
For peace of mind when you’re on the road, have your clutch checked regularly by your Toyota Authorised Repairer

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