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Discover the ways you can stay connected and make driving better

Stay connected

Make driving safer and more fun with a suite of connected services available through the MyT app and MyT Multimedia in your car.

Your Toyota at your fingertips

Communicate with your car wherever you are with the MyT app on your smartphone.

Intuitive in-car Navigation

The MyT Multimedia’s real time navigation will quickly get you to your destination.

MyT Connected Services

Life happens when you connect.

 Whether you’re inside or outside your vehicle, you can stay in complete control of your Toyota with MyT, a whole new suite of connected services available through the MyT smartphone app and MyT Multimedia on your dashboard display—designed to make driving safer and more fun.


MyT App

Stay in control of your Toyota from your smartphone.

 Using the MyT app on your smartphone, wherever you go, you can communicate with your car. Plan journeys from home, find your car, optimise your driving, receive driver analytics, and service maintenance notifications.

Hybrid Coaching

Be the best at Hybrid driving and lower fuel consumption. 

Through the MyT app, Hybrid Coaching gives you contextualised coaching on how you can improve your Hybrid driving, based on your previous journeys. So you can make the most of EV mode to lower your fuel consumption and minimise your environmental impact.

Find my Car

No matter how long you’ve been away.
Powered by Google Maps through the MyT mobile app, Find My Car helps you to locate your Toyota wherever it’s parked, while also letting you share its location with family and friends.

Driving Analytics

Take control of your journey history.
The MyT app acts as a car data logger, letting you retrieve past driving data, including speed, acceleration and mileage, and general driving style analysis.

Service Reminders

Never miss a service again.
MyT helps you keep your Toyota performing at its best with maintenance reminders based on your vehicle’s actual mileage, so you’ll never miss a service again.

Battery Guard

Always stay on top of your car’s battery level.
With a three-step overview—from high to medium and low, you will never get stuck or be unable to start your car because of your battery.

Accident Assistant

Send alerts in case of an accident.
Your Toyota’s sensors register any bumps or collisions that take place whilst the vehicle is moving or stationary. Using the MyT app, you can call your local Toyota dealer or request a tow truck, as well as notify your family or friends in the event of an accident. You can also add photographs to the accident data to facilitate an insurance claim.

Warning Lights

Drive safer with better understanding.
Keep in the know with our user-friendly explanation of what the various warning lights in your vehicle mean, as well as the level of urgency and the next possible steps you should take.

Fuel Level

Stay on top of the fuel level of your car.
Wherever you are, you can remotely check the fuel level of your Toyota on the MyT app. So you can plan any required fuel stops in advance of your journey.

Service & Maintenance

Convenient and transparent servicing.
Keep your Toyota in optimum condition—book a service online in a few simple steps on the MyT app and stay informed of your upcoming service, plus keep track of your Toyota’s maintenance history with an overview of previous actions performed on the vehicle.

Mark my Location

To help you find your vehicle.
Even if your car is not connected, you’re able to pin your location to help you easily find your way back to your vehicle.

MyT Multimedia

Intuitive in-car navigation and entertainment system

MyT Multimedia features Real Time Navigation, Speed Camera Alert, fuel stations, as well as POI (Point Of Interest). MyT Multimedia also includes support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing you to connect, play music and use your favourite smartphone apps on the dashboard display.

Real Time Traffic Information

Calculates your route based on real time traffic. Always be informed of the traffic situation on the way to your destination. Your in-car navigation system will adapt to the events and propose alternative routes matching your preference.  

Smartphone Integration

With support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Stay connected while in your Toyota with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can connect your smartphone, play music and use your favourite smartphone apps on the dashboard display.