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Hello iconic features

17" Alloys

Move with confidence

17” silver alloy wheels designed with purpose to take you wherever you need to be. The wheels are enhanced with a detailed 5-double-spoke design to ensure you arrive at your destination with confidence and in style.

Smart Connect

Slick, ultra-connected multimedia

Enjoy a simple yet slick media setup packed with intuitive features. Toyota’s Smart Connect multimedia platform offers a seamless digital experience, blending powerful hardware, lightning fast response times and crisp graphics on a beautiful modern interface.

12.3" Display

For all you need to know

A display that brings the world to your fingertips. Whether you’re checking the route or searching for the nearest petrol station, this substantial 12.3” screen will provide you with everything you need to know.


Order Summary

POST https://aph-webcarconfig.toyota-europe.com/v1/car-config/cy/en?path=highlights/6c193d6b-514c-436f-ab43-654d97e601d8 with body {"reduxState":{"carConfigSettings":{"loadedStepUrls":{"highlights":"https://www.toyota.com.cy/new-cars/new-toyota-c-hr/highlights","configure":"https://www.toyota.com.cy/new-cars/new-toyota-c-hr/build","specs":"https://www.toyota.com.cy/new-cars/new-toyota-c-hr/specifications"}}}}