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Great things come in small packages. Aygo X is an unapologetically compact car bursting with attitude. It defies the norm, offering the confidence of a highride crossover, but with the exclusive features of a city car.

Toyota Aygo X Highlights

  • Hottest crossover in town

    Turn up the heat across town with the bold and unmistakable design of Toyota Aygo X. Sophisticated, distinct and unquestionably cool, the bi-tone bodywork exudes originality and hints at a playful character. Striking 18" alloy wheels and oversized wheel arches give Aygo X a signature wider stance, projecting a confi dent presence. Let the eye-catching LED headlamps powerfully light your way wherever you go.

  • Blue sky driving. Free your mind.

    The open air represents total freedom. Open the cool canvas roof of Aygo X Air to truly connect with your city using your senses. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face, wind in your hair and enjoy the sights and sounds of bustling urban life around you. Let the light fl ood in and cruise the streets in style.

  • In sync with you and your city

    More than a city car, Aygo X is an extension of your always-on lifestyle. Toyota Smart Connect seamlessly keeps your phone and car in sync, with wireless charging for constant on-the-go power. A large 9" HD touch screen displays everything you need – avoid city hold-ups using cloud navigation and real-time road events, while smart parking makes stopping a breeze.

What’s your spice?

Spices embody the spirit of adventure. Every variety possesses unique qualities to energise the soul – from the sharp kick of chili to sophisticated notes of complex ginger.

Chili Red - Bold and daring

Audacious chili is the spice we turn to when we’re feeling daring. Inspired by the unexpected hot hue of the fieriest spice, Aygo X in unapologetic Chili Red dares you to be different, makes you feel alive and inspires you to embrace the fun of the open road.

Cardamon Green - Sophisticated and distinguished

One of the most distinguished spices, the unique aroma of cardamom never fails to surprise and delight the senses. Aygo X in Cardamom Green reflects these qualities and inspires a smooth sense of sophistication and originality. Enjoy a new zest for life with Aygo X in Cardamom Green.

Ginger Beige - Warm and distinctive

However subtle, a hint of ginger can never be mistaken. Characterised by complexity, distinctive ginger has a unique ability to warm the spirit and spark the senses. The premium Ginger Beige Aygo X ignites a feeling of determination, giving you the confidence to drive your own way.

Juniper Blue - Cool and creative

Sharp, clear and bursting with vibrancy, juniper communicates a laser-driven focus. Aygo X in cool Juniper Blue clears the way for freedom of thought, encouraging creativity and a sense of optimism.

Take a look around

See the key features of the Aygo X. Rotate the vehicle to see it from every angle.

  • Hottest crossover in town

    Aygo X turns up the heat with a bold and unmistakeable design. Bi-tone bodywork enhances the design, exuding originality and playful character. Eye-catching LED headlamps keenly light the way, while the rear lamp design retains the iconic Aygo signature shape. Imposing 18” alloy wheels under oversized fenders give Aygo X a wider stance, projecting a cool and confident road presence wherever you go.

  • Driven by impulse

    Innovations to let you take the city by storm. Highly responsive and controllable, Toyota Aygo X is the ultimate car for navigating modern urban spaces and beyond. With a higher driving position, you can enjoy the feeling of a high-ride without the worry. Only 3.7 metres long and boasting a class-leading turning radius, Aygo X is compact, agile and easy to park – even on busy inner streets. The responsive automatic gearbox reacts eff ortlessly to your driving style, and the smooth shifting make city driving easy and enjoyable.

  • Capacity to surprise

    Compact on the outside, but spacious on the inside, Aygo X is full of surprises. With up to 231 litres boot capacity, you’ll fi nd best-in-class boot space built for fl exible lifestyles. Enjoy smart design for easy loading, with the ability to hold mid and cabin-size luggage together. Your Aygo X has room for every day in the city and beyond.

  • Confidence at every turn

    Stay focused and safe throughout the city. Aygo X is equipped with a wealth of enhanced safety features to ensure you’re always confi dent on the roads. T-Mate combines Toyota Safety Sense* with other active driving and parking-assistance technologies to keep you constantly in check. Whether on the motorway, in the city or parking – you’re always in safe hands with Aygo X.

    * Standard on all grades.

Experience Toyota Aygo X

Explore Aygo X with our augmented reality app. Download the app and see how it looks from every angle on your driveway, in your garage or even in your living room using augmented reality. To download the app, you can visit the App Store or Google Play store by using the links below.

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