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Worldwide top ranked surfer

Alexis Hanquinquant

  • "Boldness for me is believing in yourself and not being afraid to push your limits"

    Alexis Hanquinquant

  • Passion that never fades.

    Even from a young age, Alexis only had eyes for one thing: sport. A self-confessed jack of all trades, he was just as happy serving aces as he was sinking 3-pointers. Channelling this energy led him to full-contact combat sports and, at 24, he became French national champion (86 kg). Standing 1.95 m tall, you wouldn’t imagine he was any opponent’s first choice! Tragically, later that same year, an accident at work took Alexis’s life in a new direction.

  • Dec. 28, 1985







    World & European Champion

  • A sport that was made for me.

    August 2010 would be the start of a new challenge for Alexis. Following his accident, he would spend several months in hospital undergoing surgery. Although his right leg was saved, the resulting limp and pain were too limiting for an athlete like Alexis, so he decided to have it amputated in September 2013.

    He may have lost a limb, but Alexis lost none of his drive. After trying his hand at para-triathlons in 2015, he decided to challenge himself to become a champion in the three disciplines. Today, as a para-triathlete multiple European and World Champion, Alexis’s sights are set on a new goal: Tokyo.

  • "I don't have
    a disability,
    I have a

  • A childhood dream realised.

    After bursting onto the scene with coach Nicolas Pouleau in 2016, Alexis just missed out on qualification for the sport’s Paralympic debut in Rio de Janeiro. After a lot of hard work and determination, scooping multiple national, European and world championships, Alexis is ready to take on the ultimate challenge of his life. Securing gold at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.