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Stories Of Beyond

From the role Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell technology is playing on land and at sea to how ED², Toyota's European Design Centre, is shaping mobility of the future - discover stories of beyond.
  • Developed around Toyota's fuel cell technology, Energy Observer Development’s REXH2 delivers hybrid hydrogen-electric power to make silent, emission-free ocean travel possible.

    Successfully tested in real open sea conditions aboard the Energy Observer boat, REXH2 has already delivered 7,000 nautical miles including trans-Atlantic crossings. And now, Hynova is bringing the REXH2 to commercial yachting.

    And this is just the start. Toyota is also integrating its fuel cell technology into buses, trucks, and generators as part of their vision for a global, hydrogen-powered society.

  • Shining a new light on an icon, the 25th May 2021 saw the Eiffel Tower illuminated in green. The colour symbolises the Toyota hydrogen fuel cell technology within the GEH2® generator developed by EODev (Energy Observer Developments), which sustainably powered the entire spectacle.

    While the eye-catching statement formed the show stopping finale of EODev’s “Paris de l’hydrogène” event, many of Toyota’s other hydrogen fuel cell innovations were on display – from the new Mirai to the REXH2® maritime range extender.

    All products are available today, helping raise awareness of the capabilities of hydrogen amongst governments, industry, media, customers and the public through their ingenuity and effectiveness.
  • Designers at ED2 live in a world five to ten years from now.

    Meet Ian Cartabiano, President of ED2, Toyota’s advanced European design centre. As part of our Beyond Zero documentary series, Ian explains how his team creates change by designing provocative, bold ideas that not only reflect society and the world around them, but also make a statement. Whether it’s the use of sustainable materials, how customers interact with products, or what powers them, their ideas are born to take Toyota beyond expectations and to change the world. A better world Beyond Zero.

  • The way these stylists think today is the way it will be produced tomorrow. Gaetan and Julie are CMF designers at ED2, Toyota’s European design centre. CMF stands for Colours, Materials and Finishes, and just as Toyota continues to improve areas such as driving efficiency, they strive to produce stylish new designs that are cleaner. Whether it’s reducing the energy used in their paint shop or sourcing materials that make less impact on the planet, they are looking beyond to create a more sustainable world and society. A better world Beyond Zero.
  • A desirable future is about regenerating the health of our planet. And us as human beings.

    For Laurent Bouzige, Chief Designer Strategy & Mobility at ED2, Toyota’s European design centre, the things that make up the future already exist today. Talking to students at the Sustainable Design School in Nice, Laurent explains the philosophies at the heart of Toyota Beyond Zero. Whether it’s how mobility can interact with the environment or how it can give people autonomy to do what they want, his team look beyond vehicles to create a more sustainable world and society. A better world Beyond Zero.


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