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Imagine Going Beyond Restrictions

When you're free to move, anything is possible. That’s why we work to create a world where everyone can move freely. It’s why we’re partnered with both the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2018-2024. And why we will be showcasing a huge range of new mobility solutions at Paris 2024.

These include a human support robot which assists people who can't move easily on their own. There’s also the i-Ride, a fully electric vehicle designed for wheelchair users that puts more fun into mobility. And then there’s KINTO, offering a seamless experience of different modes of transport, from car-sharing to flexible car subscriptions.
  • C+Walk T

    Electric, compact and easy to manoeuvre, the stylish C+Walk T is designed to help passengers move through the city easily and securely. Whether you’re standing, seated, or in a wheelchair, this eco-friendly battery-electric vehicle is always ready to go to make movement fun for everyone.

  • Human Support Robot

    Toyota’s Human Support Robot pushes the boundaries of mobility by helping those who rely on day-to-day assistance to live more independently. Able to move autonomously, it will tirelessly carry out a variety of voice requests and tablet commands, as required by its human.

  • Accessible People Mover

    Another way we aim to go beyond zero is by helping those whose ability to move is restricted. The Accessible People Mover was developed to ensure the elderly and people with impairments, as well as pregnant women and families with small children can board public transport and enjoy a little more freedom.

  • i-Ride

    This is i-Ride, the ingenious, wheelchair-accessible electric car, simply controlled by a joystick. Its unique seating layout and automated driving functions provide better mobility and peace of mind for its users.

  • i-Road

    Brilliant, innovative ‘active lean’ technology allows the Toyota i-Road to be intuitive and fun to drive while providing greater access to city areas. It helps reduce traffic and pollution at the same time.

  • T-HR3

    Another robot with a mission, the T-HR3 is a humanoid device that as well as being fun, has a serious purpose. By mimicking movements precisely, T-HR3 is able to assist doctors and their patients by facilitating procedures remotely, including in life-threatening situations.

  • E-Care

    Further mobility freedom is provided by the Toyota E-Care, which offers virtual check-ups and doctor examinations to those with less ability to move around, by going to wherever is most convenient.


    KINTO takes the concept of Beyond Zero even further. A one stop solution for every mobility need. From car sharing to public transport, from ride hailing to flexible car subscriptions, KINTO offers a seamless mobility experience to and from anywhere.


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