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Imagine Going Beyond Emissions

It’s 25 years since we pioneered electrified technology with the launch of the Toyota Prius. We have continued to strive in this arena and won’t be happy until each and every customer has a solution that’s right for them and our planet. This means we now have a huge variety of electrified powertrains – Hybrids, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV), a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) and a Hydrogen vehicle. Our goal now is not only to reach zero emissions, but to go beyond. To create vehicles that have a positive impact. Vehicles such as the hydrogen-powered Mirai which emits only water and cleans the air as it drives.
  • Hybrid and Plug-Hybrid

    We’ve come a long way since the iconic Toyota Prius, the world’s first, mass produced Hybrid vehicle. Our 25 years of expertise has led to millions of Hybrids on today’s roads. These higher performance Hybrids can spend up to 70% of their time in emissions-free electric mode. And the years to come will see even more progress.

  • Toyota bZ series

    The Toyota bZ series is a family of next generation battery electric models that go beyond zero. The first of these fully electric cars has other innovations too, with steer-by-wire technology and solar panel charging.

  • Mirai

    Hydrogen power has its own style icon in the Toyota Mirai. This is the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen car and it’s already on its second generation. The Mirai is one car already going beyond zero. By emitting only pure water, not only are there no emissions, it also purifies the air as it drives.


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