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Imagine Going Beyond Barriers

We want to go beyond zero emissions to a point where our products and services only make a positive contribution to society. That means products and initiatives that enhance the communities, societies and the planet that we all share

Toyota’s Environmental Challenge 2050 is our commitment to achieve true sustainability across everything we do. We’re adopting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, such as helping to increase the number of girls learning and working in tech industries. And we’re working toward ‘the hydrogen society’, where all transport and even entire cities are powered by clean hydrogen fuel. We’re imagining a better world, a world Beyond Zero.
  • Hydrogen Society

    The creation of a Hydrogen Society has already begun, in the streamlined shape of the Toyota Mirai. It already goes beyond zero harmful emissions because it emits only pure water. But this is only the first part of our vision to bring clean hydrogen power to all aspects of society. From buses to boats, from lorries to forklift trucks, we’re going beyond zero and creating quieter transport that actually cleans the air as it moves.

  • Woven City

    Beyond the production of hydrogen vehicles, lies Woven City, a fully connected, hydrogen-powered city ecosystem. It’s a prototype for the eco city of the future, where the benefits of clean and plentiful fuel can be experienced and give inspiration to the next generation. Woven City is also a living lab for future innovation.

  • Woven City
  • Girls STEM the Future

    There’s more to building a better society than improving mobility alone. Our future needs a more equal gender balance in all fields, including science, technology, engineering and maths. That’s why Toyota is offering mentorship and training for young women to participate in science subjects, so that they reflect the ideas and priorities of all.

  • e -Palette

    Toyota is truly revolutionizing commercial transportation with the exciting e-palette concept. A giant leap forward for businesses, these autonomous vehicles offer a mobile space which can be adapted for use as a hair salon, restaurant, gym, even a mobile hotel room. The possibilities are limited only by its users’ imaginations .e-Palettes will provide entrepreneurs with thrilling, elegant and clean new ways to reach their customers.

  • Energy Observer

    Zero emission mobility reaches the world’s oceans in the shape of the Energy Explorer, This pioneering hydrogen-powered boat is powered by the same fuel cell tech that sits in the Toyota Mirai. Not only does the Energy Explorer emit only pure water, it creates its own hydrogen fuel as it goes, using solar power to convert hydrogen from the surrounding seawater.

  • Toyota Caetanobus

    Bringing zero emission innovation where it’s needed most, the hydrogen-powered Caetanobus is the bus that emits only pure water. Effectively it’s out there cleaning the air in urban streets as it takes passengers where they need to go. Caetanobus goes further by also communicating with the city’s traffic lights, so it can moderate its speed to ease congestion.

  • Jaxa Lunar Rover

    In collaboration with Japan’s space agency, Toyota’s hydrogen-powered Lunar Rover takes beyond zero to another planet, well, the moon at least. By emitting only pure water, Toyota’s JAXA Lunar Rover is able to travel long distances across the moon’s surface without making any environmental impact on its pristine ecosystem.

  • Environmental Challenge 2050

    As a global company, Toyota takes its responsibilities to heart. That’s why we plan to take our zero emission journey further still, maintaining our beyond zero vision long into the future and through the entire supply chain of everything we make. That means specific commitments to zero new vehicle CO2 emissions, zero lifestyle emissions, zero factory CO2 emissions and minimal water usage, all by the year 2050.


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