Accessories Package Offer

Save up to 37%

Trunk liner

Tailored to fit the trunk of your Toyota and provide protection against dirt and spills. 
The design features a special anti-slip surface pattern to help stop luggage moving.

Safety Kit

A warning triangle, safety jacket and a first aid kit, all combined in one Toyota branded bag. This bag can be stored in the boot of the vehicle.

Textile Floor Mat

Genuine textile floor mats are available in either velour or felt material. 
They are tough, practical and easy to clean. The driver’s mat has a special fixing to prevent slippage.


Benefit from our new special prices on this genuine accessories pack, which includes a trunk liner, a safety kit and textile floor mats, from €79 to €129 depending on model. 

Offer is valid while stock lasts.

Our After Sales team will be more than happy to answer any enquiries you may have.

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