Toyota Protect

A showroom finish that lasts and lasts

There’s nothing like the showroom gleam of a brand new car. Toyota ProTect is a revolutionary new NASA-derived coating which provides high-grade protection for vehicle surfaces, and is now available at Dickran Ouzounian & Co Ltd. Just one application gives your vehicle three full years of protection.

Protect your car inside and out

Unlike waxes and advanced polymer sealants, Toyota ProTect can be used on the exterior paintwork, interior fabrics, alloy wheels and side windows as well.


Seal your vehicle with a tough glass shell that protects paintwork and side windows from pollution, weather and other external threats.


Protect interior fabrics from everyday dirt and grime. Simply wipe away all kinds of substances without staining.

Alloy Wheels

Give valuable alloy wheels outstanding protection against brake dust, road grime and weather.

Toyota Protect Packages
Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
€450 €550 €650
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