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The bold just got bolder

One glance at the Toyota C-HR prologue concept and you know this is a car that stayed true to its DNA. But at the same time this next-generation concept design clearly does things its own way; forges its own path. Still bold, the Toyota C-HR prologue concept is proof that some rules are made to be broken.

Wanting and delivering it all

Edgy, sporty, and fun, the Toyota C-HR prologue concept refuses to compromise. The combination of bigger wheels and compact body overhangs give it a stance that’s impossible to ignore. And in style it’s more of a coupé than ever, yet space for occupants is improved. 

Keen-edged yet powerfully organic

The Toyota C-HR prologue concept expresses movement through morphing surfaces. Shifting from the precision-formed to the beautifully organic, this fusion highlights the key design features. At the same time strong character lines give the Toyota C-HR prologue concept huge visual impact.

Uniquely unforgettable

The HAMMERHEAD face is a product of interlocking shapes and a graphical lighting signature. From the front, the Toyota C-HR prologue concept has something of the keen, piercing look of a shark – and is just as ready to surge forward. This interlocking theme, continued all over the body, lends it a unique aesthetic, unlike anything else on the road. 

Three colours, one vision

The C-HR prologue concept brings a third colour accent – Sulphur – over the high-contrast pairing of Metal Silver and Carbon Black. Conceived from the outset to stand out, this is fearless confident design. The future’s got attitude – are you with us?