Why you shouldn't shoot selfies while driving

As part of Toyota Cyprus’ Corporate Social Responsibility, Toyota Cyprus insists in generating awareness with regards to the worldwide trend of taking selfies while driving. Taking selfies with smartphone cameras while in motion is something everyone should take seriously.

Toyota was the first car company that took an initiative for this matter and initiated an awareness campaign two years ago, titled Don't Shoot and Drive.

The photo showed a totaled car that was edited with various Instagram filters and turned out to become a viral campaign reaching millions of users spreading the message of Don’t Shoot and Drive. The main goal of the campaign was to prevent millions of drivers from taking pictures of themselves and posting them on social media while driving, as this may be dangerous or even fatal. This ad turned out to become a worldwide success and was featured on NBC’s news and national sites such as CNN and the Daily Mail.

This year Toyota Cyprus and Marketway Publicis team up hoping to bring out an even stronger message with regards to road safety and driving selfies. Research shows that on sites like Instagram, more than 3 million photos are tagged under the hashtags #drivingselfie, #drivingtowork, and #ihopeidontcrash. Toyota Cyprus wants to reach out to all these users and teach the dangers of photographing oneself behind the wheel. No selfie and no filter can bring back your life, so #DontShootAndDrive.

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